Online consultations and remote training

Online consultations are held via Zoom or Google Meet. It’s a perfect tool for all new puppy owners, for people who bring a rescue dog home, or for anyone who wants to learn more about dogs and why they do certain things. You can get all your questions answered and avoid potential mistakes most first-time dog owners make with their dogs.

Online consultation is 45 min long and you will get access to a conversation recording so you can recap everything at your own speed one more time.

If you require further training I can provide you with a weekly training plan and access to instructional videos that explain how you can train your dog by yourself.

We will meet weekly or bi-weekly online, review your results and I can coach you on things that require extra attention.

You can also videotape your training sessions and receive my feedback to make sure you are doing everything in the most efficient way. We can also have a live remote training when we connect via Zoom or Google Meet and I coach you to perform dog training with your dog and give your feedback in real-time.

Benefits of remote training:

  • You want to learn to train your dog yourself
  • It’s easier for you to follow an online lesson than an in-person explanation
  • You want to be able to rewatch video instructions and move at your own speed
  • You choose when and how long to train your dog

How many training sessions will you require?

Depending on your dog’s abilities and current behaviors, as well as your commitment to do home practice every day, the training program will usually last from 6 to 12 weeks.

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Author: Stella Vasileva

Hi! I’m Stella, a private dog trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I use a force-free, science-backed positive reinforcement approach to educate pet parents on how to train their own dogs and overcome behavior challenges. My goal is to provide clients with the proper tools to have a stress-free and trusting relationship with their pets.