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Dog basic obedience, puppy life skills, behaviour modification for reactive, fearful and anxious dogs, public access training and more.

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Dog Training services in San Francisco Bay Area

Pintar Dog Training 🐾

I am Stella Vasileva, a force-free and positive-reinforcement dog trainer in San Francisco Bay Area. I offer in-home private training and online consultations. I also volunteer with socializing dogs at SF SPCA. I am a dog & bird owner.

What services do I offer

  • Basic obedience training for dogs of all ages
  • Puppy training and proper socialization
  • Rescue dog adaptation to a new home
  • Consultations on choosing the right breed and on being first-time dog owners
  • Specific dog training: crate training, potty training, loose leash walking, recall
  • Public access training
  • Solving common behavior issues:
    • Leash pulling & reactivity on the leash
    • Jumping at people
    • Excessive barking at home
    • Separation anxiety and inability to stay alone
    • Reactivity to other dogs or other pets
    • Fear around loud noises, certain people or objects
    • Counter surfing and destructive behavior
    • Anxiety when visiting groomers or vet office

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Questions about Dog training?

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