Hello! I’m Stella, a private dog trainer in San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in positive reinforcement and science-based methods to help local pet owners train their dogs and address behavior issues. My aim is to equip clients with skills for a harmonious, stress-free bond with their pets. I volunteer at the San Francisco SPCA, where I assist with dogs that have behavioral issues. I live in Pacifica, California with my dog, my husband, and a parrot bird. And besidesContinue readingAbout

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  • In-house boarding
  • Private doggy daycare
  • Hiking adventures
  • Pet sitting

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What do training sessions look like? Should you book an online or offline session? How many sessions are needed?

Pintar Dog Training uses modern dog training approach that is backed by science and relies on ethical methods and positive reinforcement techniques. We don’t approve of or suggest using tools that harm dogs like e-collars, shock or bark collars, or correction collars. We don’t apply any punishment or correction methods. We take the mental health of both dog owners and their dogs very seriously. We support and stand with the LGBTQA+, BIPOC, and neurodivergent folks. Learn more on the About page.

We service San Francisco Bay Area for private training lessons in your home, day training (without the pet parent present), family-style dog boarding, active doggy daycare and hiking adventures. We also offer online consultations and zoom lessons worldwide. Learn more on the Services page.

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