Services & Rates

I offer in-home private lessons in San Francisco & SF Peninsula, day training and training walks (without the pet parent present), family-style boarding, active doggy day care (hiking, beach & city outings, off-leash play), private walks (and walks for reactive dogs), remote consultations.

Service area: San Francisco & South Peninsula (San Bruno, Pacifica, Daly City, Burlingame, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City, Palo Alto)

In-home private training | San Francisco Bay Area

One-on-one consultations and training sessions are conducted in your home (or a place of your choice) and can be scheduled during weekdays or weekends.

We start with the initial 1.5-2 hour consultation, where I answer all your questions, meet your dog, assess their skills and behavior, and explain the training process. After the initial session, I create a customized training plan based on your dog’s needs and your training goals. All the dog training methods I use include a modern positive reinforcement approach and are force-free, ethical, and humane.

After the initial session, we set a weekly or bi-weekly training schedule, where I come in for a 60-90 minute private coaching session, and we work on training your dog together. During the coaching session, we will have hands-on training, with me coaching you on how to perform training exercises with your dog. You will continue practicing those exercises with your dog on a daily basis, which will usually require 10-15 minutes of your time a day. Many exercises can be done during mealtime or on walks.

After every session, you will receive a weekly training plan that will have a list of training exercises to do with your dog, detailed written instructions for each exercise, and video tutorials, as well as notes on everything we trained and discussed that day. You will be able to easily access those notes online from your phone.

Service area for private training: San Francisco Bay Area

Private dog training prices:

  • Initial assessment session (1.5hrs): 130$
    • travel fee for East Bay, Marin and South Bay: extra 30$
  • Coaching sessions (hourly rate):
    • 1 single session: 95$
    • 5 sessions pack: 450$
    • 10 sessions pack: 850$
  • Monthly coaching subscription
    • 4 x weekly session: 260$/month

Day training / Training walks

How does Day training work? I’ll visit your place several times a week to train your dog on my own. You don’t have to be present during the session. Each session lasts for an hour and can take place at your home or during walks, depending on your dog’s needs. Examples of issues that can be tackled during day training include barking and reactivity on walks, jumping and pulling on the leash, crate training, prey drive, manners around food, and public behavior.

You can choose between 2, 3 and 5 sessions per week. You will be assigned specific days of the week and a time window for the training sessions. There are no make-ups for missed sessions or weeks.

Day training works as a subscription service and you will be charged automatically, either bi-weekly or monthly. If you wish to stop using this service, please cancel before the next payment is processed.

Understand, that day training isn’t a quick fix, and it doesn’t replace your own efforts in building a strong relationship with your dog and learning how to communicate with them. Think of it as an extra boost for your own training.

Service area for Day training and training walks: San Francisco, Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Half Moon Bay

Day training prices

  • Fortnightly (2 weeks) rate:
    • 2 sessions per week: 300$ (~75$ per session)
    • 3 sessions per week: 420$ (~70$ per session)
    • 5 sessions per week: 650$ (~65$ per session)
  • Monthly rate
    • 2 sessions per week: 560$ /month (~70$ per session)
    • 3 sessions per week: 780$ / month (~65$ per session)
    • 5 sessions per week: 1200$/ month (~60$ per session)

Active Doggy Day Care

Gone for most of the day and don’t want to leave your dog at home alone? Or maybe you have a party at home and your dog is not good with crowds? We can pick up your dog and take care of it for 3+ hours: We will go for a hike, chill at the beach, or just take care of your dog at your home. Your dog will have a great time guaranteed!

Service area for doggy daycare: San Francisco, Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno, San Mateo, Millbrae, Burlingame, Half Moon Bay.

Active Doggy Day Care Price:
100$ for 3 hours, 20$ for each additional hour

Private walks / Walks for reactive dogs

One-one-one private walk catering to your dogs needs. Great option for dogs who can’t be part of pack walk for some reason or when they need special handling due to reactivity, prey drive, shy and fearful behavior. This is not a training walk, but your dog walker is a dog trainer who is skilled to handle a dog with special needs. Due to safety reasons we currently don’t accept dogs with any prior history of bite of other dogs or humans.

Service area for private walks: San Francisco, Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Half Moon Bay.

Private walk prices:
60$ / 1 hr for one dog

Family-style Boarding

We offer cage-free, family-style boarding for your dog while you’re out of town. We live in Pacifica by the ocean and during boarding, your dog will become a part of our family and enjoy the same activities we do, such as hiking, going to the beach, and visiting pet-friendly stores and restaurants. We will also do daily training sessions and work on behaviors your dog needs: leash manners or public access skills.

If you are a new client you will might need to book a service with us before boarding (private walk for regular boarding or initial assessment session for board & train program).

Free pickup included for: San Francisco, Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, Half Moon Bay.

Boarding price:
– 160$ / day for adult dogs
– 220$ / day for puppies under 10 months

Board & Training:
– starting at 200$ / day adult dogs
– starting 250$ / day puppies

Online consultations

Online training sessions are held via Zoom or Google Meet. Each session is 45 min long and you will get access to a conversation recording so you can recap everything at your own speed one more time.

Remote consultations are a perfect tool for all new puppy owners, for people who bring a rescue dog home, or for anyone who wants to learn more about dogs before they even get one. You can get all your questions answered and avoid potential mistakes most first-time dog owners make with their dogs.

Remote training session price:

60$ / 45 minutes