Hi, my name is Stella Vasileva and I am 10+ years dog owner and positive reinforcement dog trainer based in San Francisco Bay Area. I give private consultations, teach group classes in Petco, and volunteer at SF SPCA helping with dog socialization. I also own a parrot and I train him to perform different tricks. (Apparently, with the right approach any animal can be trained😆)

I see dog training as a way for us to have a well-behaved smart dog whom we can trust in any situation; a dog that has a clear understanding of what is expected of them and how to make the right choice. I believe in our pets being characters and free-spirited creatures that yet know rules and boundaries. All of that can be achieved through positive reinforcement, regular training & structured interaction, and without using force, punishment, or constant physical correction.

My prime focus is functional home skills: a dog who doesn’t pull a leash and listens to you during the walk; a dog that doesn’t jump and that behaves nicely around other dogs or other pets, kids, bikes etc; a dog that can be left at home alone or a dog you can comfortably travel with or go to the public.

Personal in-home dog training or online consultations in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Basic obedience training for dogs of all ages
  • Puppy socialization and training program
  • Choosing the right breed and getting ready for first-time dog owners
  • Specific dog training: crate training, potty training, loose leash walking
  • Reactivity on the leash, extensive barking
  • Public access training
  • Minor to medium signs of anxiety or fear

Cases I am not taking in right now but can consult on figuring out the next steps and refer to a specialist: severe dog-to-human or dog-to-dog aggression, severe separation anxiety, and fears, dog sports.

You can book a private session here or go to FAQ page to learn more.

My path into dog training

My path into the dog training world started a long time ago in Indonesia. I adopted a rescue street dog and decide to train her. I wanted to have a companion that I can take with me anywhere and a dog that I can take with me when I leave Indonesia. That is how I became a dog trainer for my own dog (and little did I know that one day it will turn into a career!).

Many years later, during a career change, I started walking and boarding dogs for WAG. I worked with various breeds and age groups, dogs with different needs. I quickly learned that many client dogs didn’t have basic obedience skills, pulled on the leash, and were reactive to other dogs or people. I wanted to teach those dogs all the necessary skills which led me to pursue further my dog training education. Later on, I joined Petco as a dog trainer for group classes and started volunteering in a dog shelter.

I live in Pacifica, California with my dog, my husband, and a parrot bird. And besides dog training, my interests are in the following areas: human psychology, surfing and outdoors, parrots and tropical houseplants, and knitting.

Pintar dog training: The name ‘pintar’ comes from the Indonesian word ‘smart’. I chose this name because a) my dog was born and raised (and rescued) in Indonesia and this is my little tribute to the several years I’ve spent there b) also because I believe that the best approach to dog training is being smart about all the challenges dog owners might face.