How many sessions are needed?

Basic obedience dog training will require at least 5 weeks of training.

Some other things can be resolved with 1 or 2 sessions. For example, crate training will require one session where I guide you through the process and most of the training will be done by you under my guidance, one more follow-up session 1-2 weeks later will help to assess if any additional training is needed or in case any issues occur.

Other behavior changes (leash reactivity, excessive barking, anxiety around other dogs) will sometimes require 3-6 sessions and sometimes months of work – depending on the severity of the case.

I would suggest booking a first intro session where we will discuss how many sessions are needed.

What does the training look like?

During each session, I will explain some dog training theory and show practical training tools that you can use to achieve your training goals. During the session I will coach you on how to apply those tools and train your dog during for the week before the next session. Most of the valuable training happens between the sessions and I will guide you how to find time to train your pup every day!

Where do sessions take place?

Online sessions happen in Zoom or Google Meet.

In-person session happen in your house, as well as outside in the park, depending on the training goals.

What is the service area?

For in-person dog training I offer services in: San Francisco, Pacifica, Daly City, San Bruno, Burlingame and possible anywhere further in San Francisco Bay Area (requires travel fee).

Worldwide I offer online consultations and digital dog training.

If my dog is still a puppy, can it be trained? / If my dog is old can it still be trained?

Dogs of any age can be trained. But the training program and the speed of learning will be different. Puppies can start their training as early as 2 months. Older dogs (for example 8 years old) can be trained too, as soon as they are physically and mentally healthy.

Is it really possible to train a dog via Zoom? How does it work?

Yes we can! But it will require a serious dedication from you when doing a home practice and readyiness to learn. Online session will be mostly focused on me providing knowledge and explaining how each particular training tool work. I will also provide visual aid (training videos) to demonstrate how training is performed. You will practice with your dog in front of the camera and I will coach you to perform the training in the right way. We will create a home practice program that you will perform with your dog while filming yourself. We will discuss your video results during next session and decide on next steps in training. Digital training is a great tool for people who are self-starters as well as people who are not comfortable to invite somebody else to their home. (If you are camera-shy don’t worry, I will set up the session the way it will not interfer with our training).

How much does dog training cost?

I offer individual sessions (both online and offline) and multi-week programs. Check current prices on the booking page here. The most cost-efficient way is to book a 10 week training program.

How do I know that you are a great fit for my dog? How do I know if you can help me with my case?

If you are uncomfortable booking a session right away, we can schedule a free 15-min online Meet&Greet session. We will discuss your dog’s training goals and decide whether we are a great fit for each other. Contact form here.

How to book my first appointment?

Go to the booking page here, choose an available date and time that fits you, fill in details about your dog, and pay for your appointment. You will receive a confirmation link as well as information about rescheduling in case you need it.