In-home private dog training

One-on-one consultations are conducted in your home and tailored to your pup’s particular needs. During the first session, we discuss your training goal and create a customized training plan. All the training methods include a modern positive reinforcement approach.

We meet weekly for a 60 to 90 min training session where I train your dog. At the session, I will explain what training exercises you can do can every day until we meet again next week. Home practice exercises are set in a way, that they will require only 10 minutes a day of your time.

Benefits of private lessons:

  • You and our dog decide what will be included in the training program
  • Most dogs learn better in the familiar environment of their home
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Private sessions are customized around dog’s abilities and learning speed

Examples of what can be addressed during private dog training

  • Introducing a new dog to a household
  • Common puppy issues: potty training, chewing on furniture, biting, getting used to crate etc
  • Resolving leash pulling and leash reactivity; heel and loose leash walking
  • Recall / responding to ‘come’
  • Hyperactive puppy and home destruction
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping on people
  • Reactivity towards other pets, small animals, bikes, kids etc
  • Building confidence in fearful dogs
  • Well-behaved in public
  • Improving the bond between the dog and the human
  • and more

How many training sessions will you require?

Depending on your dog’s abilities and current behaviors, as well as your commitment to do home practice every day, the training program will usually last from 6 to 12 weeks.

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Author: Stella Vasileva

Hi! I’m Stella, a private dog trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I use a force-free, science-backed positive reinforcement approach to educate pet parents on how to train their own dogs and overcome behavior challenges. My goal is to provide clients with the proper tools to have a stress-free and trusting relationship with their pets.